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Nuxe Reve de Miel Line (Pure Honey)

Reve de Miel (Pure Honey)Beauty treatments based on "pure honey" with ancestral beneficial properties. Delicious textures and mouth-watering scents. Extremely gentle to use. A cocktail of Honey, Lime-blossom, Plant Oils and Flower Extracts A SKIN CARE LINE FOR ALL THE FAMILY

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itemId=nuredemifoba|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=|~|isInStock=|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=3|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Nuxe - Reve de Miel Gel Douch Bain Moussant (Foaming Bath and Shower Gel)|~|brand=Nuxe|~|productType=Bubble Bath & Bath Oils|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=18|~|priceReg=18|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1169674168
Nuxe - Reve de Miel Gel Douch Bain Moussant (Foaming Bath and Shower Gel)
itemId=nuredemiulco2|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=|~|isInStock=|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=2|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Nuxe - Reve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Foot Cream|~|brand=Nuxe|~|productType=Foot & Leg Treatments|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=22|~|priceReg=22|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1169689458
Nuxe - Reve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Foot Cream
itemId=nuredemiulco4|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=|~|isInStock=|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Nuxe - Reve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Face Cream (Night)|~|brand=Nuxe|~|productType=Night Treatments|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=41|~|priceReg=41|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1169702809
Nuxe - Reve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Face Cream (Night)
itemId=nuredemiulli|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=|~|isInStock=|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=5|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Nuxe - Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm|~|brand=Nuxe|~|productType=Lip Balms|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=19|~|priceReg=19|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1071123146
Nuxe - Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm
itemId=nuredemilipm|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=|~|isInStock=|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=2|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Nuxe - Reve de Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick|~|brand=Nuxe|~|productType=Lip Treatments|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=9.5|~|priceReg=9.5|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1071099016
Nuxe - Reve de Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick
itemId=nuredemiulco5|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=|~|isInStock=|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=2|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Nuxe - Reve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Body Cream (Pump)|~|brand=Nuxe|~|productType=Body Creams & Butters|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=29|~|priceReg=29|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1169710929
Nuxe - Reve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Body Cream (Pump)
itemId=nuredemihaan1|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=|~|isInStock=|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=3|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Nuxe - Reve de Miel Hand And Nail Cream|~|brand=Nuxe|~|productType=Moisturizers & Hand Wash|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=20|~|priceReg=20|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1169717807
Nuxe - Reve de Miel Hand And Nail Cream
itemId=nuredemifaan|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=|~|isInStock=|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Nuxe - Reve de Miel Face and Body Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel|~|brand=Nuxe|~|productType=Cleansers|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=28|~|priceReg=28|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1106243084
Nuxe - Reve de Miel Face and Body Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel
itemId=nuredemifacl1|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=|~|isInStock=|~|isNew=|~|isOrganic=|~|isNatural=|~|isGwp=|~|isOnSale=|~|orderCount=3|~|hasOptions=F|~|name=Nuxe - Reve de Miel Face Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel|~|brand=Nuxe|~|productType=Cleansers|~|rating=5|~|ratingCount=1|~|price=19|~|priceReg=19|~|priceSale=|~|image=http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-12557124802186_2268_1106135279
Nuxe - Reve de Miel Face Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel
(1 rating)


I recommend!
Yuliya Ukraine February 10, 2014
This product is really great for dry feet! Have used it for a while now and think it is made in an excellent manner. This cream smells discreet, and you only need a small amount.
Clean and Soft Skin
CMH South Coast of England June 4, 2013
I have been using this face wash for over 10 years and tend to bulk buy in France and live with the fear that one day it will be discontinued. I have had to use other products when I've run out and notice the difference immediately. My skin isn't great, it's never been baby smooth and I have large pores since I was a teen but don't suffer from break outs. This product keeps the spots away and leaves my skin very clean and soft, never dry and I don't feel like my skin has aged the 10 years since using this and I feel that I have to wear very little base make up because of it.

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