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BABOR Skinovage PX Pure

Skinovage PX Pure

PURE - Simply relieve blemished skin.

As clear as can be: Skin should be flawless, smooth and clear. Shine? No thanks. And blemishes are the last thing you want. However, young skin does not always live up to these expectations. Increasingly, adults between the ages of 20 and 30 are bothered by spots and blotches, too. But with regular, intensive care, you will soon feel comfortable in your skin again.

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BABOR - Skinovage PX Pure Purifying Anti-Aging Lotion
(1 rating)
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BABOR - Skinovage PX Pure Daily Purifying Cream
(3 ratings)
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BABOR - Skinovage PX Pure Purifying Anti-Aging Cream
(1 rating)
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BABOR - Skinovage PX Pure Intensive Purifying Cream
(1 rating)
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BABOR - Skinovage PX Pure Intensive Purifying Mask
(2 ratings)
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BABOR - Pure Tinted Purifier Cream


Acne and Oily Skin, NO MORE!
Noor F. Albany, NY March 15, 2016
This is best for people suffering from Acne or acne scars or for people who have excess oil on their skin. The special formula of this cream stops the bacteria from forming so that you are left with a seamless and soft skin. However, the cream does prevent you from certain activities.
An ideal lotion for sensitive skin.
Ellen H. Salem, OR February 23, 2016
As far as anti-aging products go, it has been difficult to find one that worked well with my skin type as I have very sensitive skin, and I am allergic to a lot of ingredients. I finally found the perfect product for me with this lotion. I love the effect it has on my skin, making it softer and fuller and giving it a nice healthy glow!
I was using the Skinovage PX Pure Purifying Anti-Aging Cream for a quite long time, and I was really satisfied with its effects.
Abby R. Newport, OR January 8, 2016
While using this anti-aging cream, my skin was getting stronger, and I noticed that my wrinkles are vanishing. The cream cleaned the pores on my face. My skin is now not so dull, and it looks healthier than before.
Perfectly good
Christine Hokksund, Buskerud October 20, 2014
This cream works very well on my combination skin with both oily and dry parts.

More About Skinovage PX Pure

PURE is the new generation of skincare. Products are based on the latest scientific research. Used regularly, they can restore problem skin to its natural beauty – no matter what your age is.

The "miracle workers" in the PURE skincare system:

PURE day cream - Light and moisturizing , Effectively reduces impurities in the skin with long-lasting effect, Regulates sebum production, Contains phytosphingosines and witch hazel extract

PURE night cream - Effective and regenerating ,Reduces redness and soothes skin irritations , Contains phytosphingosines, horsetail and panthenol

PURE fluid - First aid for skin blemishes and spots, Clarifies and refreshes the skin, Enhances the effect of PURE day & night cream, Contains shale oil sulfonate and tea tree oil

PURE mask - Clarifying and calming , Gently lifts impurities from the pores, Contains phytosphyngosines, salicylic acid and kaolin

PURE clear & cover stick - A tinted cover stick, Conceals minor blemishes instantly and reliably , Has an antiseptic effect and prevents the formation of new blackheads, Ideal for when you are on the go

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