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GloMinerals Makeup Tips

The result is a skin nurturing makeup that provides superior camouflage and helps correct and protect. The clinical photos in this brochure provide visible testimonials from real patients. Non of the photos have been retouched, and all show the true visible transformation that can be achieved with gloMinerals. gloMinerals is recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and licensed skincare professionals in the United States and abroad for camouflage following microdermabrasion, chemical peel, waxing, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures and to help calm and soothe a variety of skin conditions. Perfect skin isn’t a matter of luck, it’s a matter of science. gloMinerals makes science beautiful.

Foundation Color Selection
Hyperpigmentation and Foundation Selection
Corrective Concealer Color Application

Eye Color Selection
Lip Color Selection

Foundation Selection

Glominerals foundations are formulated using powerful pharmaceutical-grade antioxidants, natural, high-pigment minerals and broad spectrum UV Protection.

GloPressed, gloloose and gloProtective oil-free liquid base each function on multiple levels to provide the multi-function advantage with a single application.

The glominerals Multi-function Advantage

• Foundation
• Powder
• Concealer
• Antioxidant Benefits
• Broad Spectrum UV Protection

Foundation Undertones

In order to properly color match glominerals foundation, a basic understanding of the undertone of an individual’s skin is necessary. Use the chart below to help decide which color family to use in a foundation application.

Golden -Yellow or olive undertone golden fair- golden light- golden medium-golden dark

Beige-pink or peach undertone beige light-beige medium-beige dark

Natural-peach or yellow undertone natural fair-natural light-natural medium-natural dark

Honey-yellow or olive undertone honey light-honey medium-honey dark

Tawny-deep peach undertone tawny light - tawny medium

Chestnut-deep yellow or olive undertone chestnut light – chestnut medium

When surface tones are excessive, incorporate the surface tone into the foundation selection:

Yellow / Olive undertones with red surface tones = peach foundation natural or beige
Yellow / Olive undertone with red and golden surface tones = golden / yellow foundation golden or honey collection
Yellow / Olive undertone with red and golden surface tones = warm peach foundation natural or golden collection

Hyperpigmentation and Foundation Selection:

1. Select a slightly darker foundation color if difference between skin tone and hyperpigmentation is minimal.

2. If difference is severe, choose a foundation color that is in-between the hyperpigmentation color and skin color.

3. If hyperpigmentation appears in isolated areas only, conceal with a color that most closely matches skin tone.

4. Bronzers can help balance color tones.

Corrective Concealer Color Application

Blemish red, red-violet | Camouflage: natural or beige

Red cheeks red, pink | Concealer: beige / Camouflage: natural

Under eye circles red / violet | Concealer: golden / Camouflage: golden or natural

Under eye circles blue / violet | Concealer: golden or natural / Camouflage: natural

Under eye circles blue / brown | Concealer: honey

Veins blue | Concealer: natural / Camouflage: natural or beige

Veins blue / green | Concealer: natural or beige

Hyperpigmentation brown / blue-brown | Concealer: honey

Hyperpigmentation white / pink | Concealer: honey / Camouflage: natural or beige

Eye Color Selection

Choose gloEye shadow colors to enhance the natural color of the eye.Below is a breakdown of eye colors with suggested shades from glominerals.

- Blue Eyes - Most true blue eyes will have white flecks.

Base Colors Peach, Nude
Sandstone 1
Copper Sheen 2

Contour Colors: Spice, Blue/Grey, Burnt Orange
Glominerals Options: Copper Sheen 2 or 3
Blue Suede
Posh 3

Highlight Colors: Soft White/Cream, Light Blue
Glominerals Options: Diamond
Posh 1

- Blue/Green Eyes

Base Colors: Melon, Yellow
Glominerals Options: Mahogany
Amethyst 2

Highlight Colors: Gold, Melon, Lilac
Glominerals Options: Twinkle
Water Lily

- Hazel/Green Eyes

Base Colors: Yellow/Cream, Soft Pink
Glominerals Options: Bamboo
Champagne Rose 1

Contour Colors: Green/Grey, Plum/Violet, Red/Brown
Glominerals Options: Blackberry alone or mixed with Kona
Mulberry 3
Champagne Rose 3
Palm 3

Highlight Colors: Gold, Autumn, Light Green, Lilac, Pink
Glominerals Options: Twinkle
Copper Sheen 1 or 2

- Brown Eyes

Base Colors: Yellow/Cream, Peach, Rose
Glominerals Options: Bamboo
Sandstone 1
Copper sheen 1

Contour Colors: Red Brown, Plum/Violet Dark Brown,Burnt Orange, Black
Glominerals Options: Mahogany
Blackberry alone or mixed with Kona
Copper Sheen 3
Amethyst 3
Palm 3
Posh 3

Highligh Colors: Gold, Autumn, Light Green, Peach
Glominerals Options: Twinkle
Copper Sheen 2
Palm 2
Posh 2

Special Tips: A fair complexion with both dark eyes and hair OR a dark complexion with dark eyes needs intense color application to add contrast. In this situation, colors deeper than the eye color are preferred.

For dark brown eyes (solid color with no flecks), choose colors to complement the individual’s skin color. In this instance, color theory does not apply to the eye color.

Lip Color Selection

Glominerals’ lip colors are formulated to deliver full, luscious lips in colors ranging from natural nudes to bold pinks and reds. Our colors and product options accommodate any makeup application and can be used in a number of combinations. The following represents our most favored color combinations to ensure that you always have the perfect pout!

Lip Color Family Organization

Glominerals lip colors are broken down by color family to assist in color identification and selection

Pink family:
Bright: tulip, taffy, pink sugar
Natural: blush, natural, bella, blossom
Rose: rose petal, sugarplum, snapdragon, bordeaux
Deep Pink: primrose, aubergine

Violet Family:
Light: sweet violet, willow

Red Family:
Bright: siren, spiced rum, vixen, rustic
Deep Red: cabaret, merlot

Brown Family:
Light: toffee, cashmere, praline, nutmeg, coral
Dark: cinnamon

Best Fits for Color & Liner Matching

Pair gloliners and glolip stick colors that suit each other to create color harmony

gloLip Liner
gloLip Stick
Nude Liner blush, blossom, bella, natural, toffee, cashmere, coral, praline, nutmeg, pink sugar
Fig Liner blush, blossom, bella, natural, willow, taffy, tulip, pink sugar, rose petal, sugarplum
Pomegranate Liner aubergine, primrose, bordeaux, siren, spiced rum, rustic, vixen
Apricot Liner toffee, cashmere, cinnamon, praline, coral, nutmeg, bella, blossom, spiced rum
Chestnut Liner cinnamon, cabaret, praline, spiced rum
Caramel Liner spiced rum, rustic, toffee, cashmere, cinnamon, coral, praline, nutmeg
Currant Liner aubergine, primrose, vixen, siren, spiced rum, rustic, cabaret
Natural Liner snapdragon, rose petal, sugarplum, tulip, blossom, spiced rum, toffee, nutmeg
Autumn Liner rustic, cinnamon, aubergine, cabaret
Raisin Liner cinnamon, cabaret, rustic, spiced rum, toffee
Rosewood Liner bella, blossom, rose petal, snapdragon, sugarplum, bordeaux, cashmere
Vino Liner primrose, aubergine, bordeaux, snapdragon, rustic, cabaret
Petal Liner rose petal, snapdrapon, bordeaux, sugarplum, pink sugar, bella, primrose
Sherbet Liner taffy, tulip, rose petal, siren, spiced rum

Our Favorite Lip Color Combinations

Lip Liner
Lip Stick
Lip Gloss / Liquid Lips

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