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Colorescience Tips & Trends

Colorescience Tips & Trends

The top-selling Colorescience products for men
Men and Makeup? You Bet!
Colorescience Creates Photo Finish Makeup for Brides
Colorescience top sellers for brides
Tear-Proof Eyes
Touch-ups in a Flash
Sunless Tan Collection
Get a beautiful bronzed glow with these “tanfastic” products
“Eye Catching” Mineral Makeup
Its’ All In The Eyes
Colorescience Stands Up To HDTV’s Unforgiving Eye
High-Definition TV Demands High Performance Makeup
Teens get Their Mineral Daily Requirement with Colorescience Makeup
The top-selling teen products from Colorescience
“Treatment” Cosmetics Make Aging Graceful
Colorescience’s artillery in the battle against aging
It’s A Small, Small, Itty, Bitty, Teeny Tiny World
Colorescience Creates That Golden California Glow!
California Girl is available in 4 options
Colorescience Is All About Firsts!
Sunforgettable - Redefining Sun Protection!
Colorescience Introduces a Purple and Bronze Fall
Fall mineral makeup stars by Colorescience

The top-selling Colorescience products for men include:

Sunforgettable: Sun protection relies on the refractive properties of micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The clear, weightless powder does not rub off on clothes. It is safe, odor free, clear on the skin and will not burn the eyes when perspiring. Great for brushing on while golfing, working outdoors or for every day use.

Brow Fixation: For those untamable man-brows, Brow Fixation helps shape up, hold still, straighten out and set apart hard to manage eye-brow hairs. The cooling brow gel is formulated with a special coplymer.

Line Tmer: Instantly, Oat Beta Glucan plumps cells and stimulates collagen production, reducing the appearnace of wrinkles. Long-term benefits include a 70% reduction in redness. Skin brightening pale yellow coloration helps soothe stressed skin after exfoliating or shaving.

Wild to Mild: Homogenizes the appearance of pigmented skin. Men will see a tanned tint without the sparkle of most powder bronzers or the orange look of self tanners. Patented Rice Peptides soothe burns and prevent the breakdown of collagen. Blue algae extract, Vitamin E and Beta-carotene hydrate the skin.

Invisibly Matte Powder: Loose mineral powder goes on clear and contains a rice starch – the most oil absorbing active – to keep skin from looking to shiny or oily. Mattifies and protects all skin tones.

Baby Blue Eyes Pencil: For men in the spotlight, on TV or in public speaking, lining the inside of the eye with Baby Blue Eyes eye pencil makes the white of the eyes look whiter, bigger and more awake.

Men and Makeup? You Bet!

Today’s man may not carry a makeup bag but you’ll probably find a handful of skin care products in his shaving kit. That’s because he’s wise to their benefits. Now, he’s discovering the discreet charm of mineral cosmetics. Colorscience offers a group of products that double as grooming aids for men, by masking ruddiness, improving skin texture and just plain ol’ goosing mother nature.

“You don’t have to be a metrosexual to appreciate the need for SPF coverage or products that will help prevent aging,” says mineral maven Diane Ranger, President and founder of Colorescience. “Some of our most loyal customers are men.”

Colorescience Creates Photo Finish Makeup for Brides

On one of the most important days of their lives, brides depend on Colorescience to make them beautiful; because micronized mineral makeup reflects the light so that colore seems to come from within, softening features and giving skin a youthful glow. Moreover, Colorescience minerals act as a natural SPF 20, so brides don’t’ have to slather on lotion above or below their makeup of they are heading outdoors to snap photos.

“Brides are thrilled with the staying power of our makeup on their wedding day,” explains president and founder Diane Ranger. “ Colorescience is perfect for any skin type – since minerals balance oil in the skin and also seal in moisture, helping to soothe dry skin problems.”

Colorescience top sellers for brides include:

Finishing Brush - long lasting, Colorescience soft-focus finishing powders give a smooth, matte finish.
Sheerly Irresistible – just a hint of colore and a smidge of cover. Contains a patented pigment to control colore changed in any lighting: from fluorescent to outdoors, even the flash of a camera.
Invisibly Matte – perfectly clear powder. It mattifies! It’s used to mattify & protect all skin tones, particularly women of color.
Snow Leopard – a touch of lavender to create soft-focus, innocent-looking skin. Flatters skin under the eye of the camera.

Lip Polish – for kiss-proof lips. 8-12 hours of colore, no feathering and won’t kiss off! It is colored with mineral pigment, no dyes. It feels as if you are wearing nothing at all.
Bed of Roses Lip Pencil – softly wearable rose.

Tear-Proof Eyes

Cry Me A River Mascara – a body building waterproof mascara that washes off with cleanser and water. No harsh chemicals. Enriched with wheat germ to promote curl.
A Fine Line Eyeliner Sealer – used to waterproof and tear proof any liner either pencil or powder. Can be used to turn any shadow into a liquid liner.

Touch-ups in a Flash

Suncanny Travel Puff – the pigment is in the puff! This luxurious puff provides amazing coverage and sun protection. It lasts up to 20 applications. Throw it in you bridal purse for the reception!

Sunless Tan Collection

Keep That Summer Tan All Year Long!

Whether you are spending a day at the beach, poolside, or if you want to prolong your summer tan, Colorescience Sunless Tanning products are for you!

Colorescience Sunless Tan products offer many superior alternatives to tanning beds, are streak free and can “even out” other sunless tan procedures.

Deception Finger Face Paint gives an amazing sheen and a fabulous bronzed glow to the face, chest, arms, legs and hair. It moisturizes while it enhances the colore of your skin.

Tip: Make Your Own Liquid Sunshine! Pour approximately one fourth of your Afterglow or Bronzer pigment into half a bottle of Achromatherapy Gem Sprtizer. Shake and “spray on a tan, a glow and sun protection.”

Get a beautiful bronzed glow with these “tanfastic” products:

Wild to Mild Skin Bronzer for a smooth-on tan. This velvety smooth cream-to-powder leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth and looking slightly tanned. This unique colore blends beautifully on most skin tones, from very light to very dark. Use this daily on the face or on the body for special occasions. Use it to smooth out streaks left behind by other sunless tan products. A great after-sun skin soother, Wild to Mild contains patented rice peptides, an ingredient used in burn centers to calm burned skin.

Kissed by the Sun Mineral Bronzer comes in a convenient brush-on applicator to give a twenty-four hour brush on tan. Thanks to micronized titanium dioxide and zinc, it protects your skin with an SPF 20 physical sun protection. Quickly and easily apply our mineral bronzers to your face and/or body.

Kissed by the Sun is the most popular colore, but there are many other great choices. Ask your Colorescientist to choose the best colore for you today.

The Painted Dessert Afterglow Brush-On Face & Body Powder is a wonderful way to add a bronzed sparkle to the neck, legs, shoulders, and arms to get an instant glisten to your skin. This copper pigment is infused with gold sparkles. Use to highlight the cheeks, lips, and eyes.

“Eye Catching” Mineral Makeup

We express ourselves with our eyes. People look at eyes, trying to understand every raised brow and twinkle of excitement. A telling glance. A sexy stare. Bring your inner beauty out to play…

Great products and basic application techniques, combined with classic colore theory, can produce dramatic results in the way you look. Colorescience eye products were created with sensitive eyes in mind, yet beautiful results were not sacrificed.

Learn how to add that extra little sparkle and be among the first to experience the latest collection from Colorescience Mineral Makeup.

Its’ All In The Eyes.

Colorescience “eye catching” products:

A Fine Line – Use to “waterproof” any liner product, or use with any Genie Colore to make an infinite variety of liquid liner colores. Also use with Brow Kit to “paint on” believable brows.

Cry Me a River Waterproof Mascara – A unique, “easy on the eyes” formula that is water-based, yet is long lasting… swim, cry or weather a cold. Easy to remove and easy to wear. Promotes curl. Each lash is coated and protected.

Genie Colore – 100% loose minerals, pure pigment. No talc. No dyes. Highlight the brow arch with a light shade in the peak of the arch. Define & darken the lash line alone, or layer over to set an Eye Pencil or Smudge It. Called the magic genie because the colore is practically endless!

Get Framed Brow Kit – Mirrored compact comes with three brow/eye colores to take you anywhere you want to go. Pressed mineral pigment is concentrated and can be used for brow, shadow or liner. Use dry or with “A Fine Line” to draw on brow hair.

Baby Blue Eyes Pencil – Natural mineral pigment gives you long-lasting, long-wearing colore. Soft enough to easily glide on, yet firm enough to create definition. Use baby Blue Eyes inside the bottom eyelid to make the white of the eyes look whiter.

Colorescience Stands Up To HDTV’s Unforgiving Eye

With the development of HDTV – which shows pictures nearly five times as sharp as a regular set – industry makeup artists are up against technology that reveals every flaw. Scrambling for makeup that welcomes a close-up, experts are turning to Colorescience Mineral Makeup; because it looks better the closer you get it.

“Mineral makeup reflects that light, causing a soft-focus filter effect. It softens sallow undertones and evens out redness,” explains Diane Ranger. president and founder.

Celebrity makeup artist Steve Sollito relies on Colorescience Finishing Brushes when he is prepping clients like Christina Aguilera, Tara Reid and Ashton Kutcher for photo shoots. “They have a smooth, matte finish and can cover blemishes without drawing attention to them.”

High-Definition TV Demands High Performance Makeup

Colorescience products that top makeup artists crave are:

Colorescience Lip Polish – indelible, never smears, never fades.

Cry Me a River Waterproof Mascara – absolutely no flaking; hydrolyzed wheat protein promotes a natural curl; won’t sweat or cry off.

Per fekt’ Foundation Powder – an apricot tone that conceals redness, covers dark circles and hyperpigmentation.

Snow Leopard Finishing Powder – a lavender powder that acts as a rose filter, softens features and mattifies.

Sheerly Irreistible Finishing Powder – contains a patented iron oxide ingredient that works well in all types of lighting: fluorescent, outdoor, etc

Teens get Their Mineral Daily Requirement with Colorescience Makeup

On top of acneic and hormonal teenage skin, piling on makeup can cause, like, major problems. Some products are comedogenic, causing clogged pores; while makeup fillers, colors, scents and preservatives can often cause skin irritation and redness, further exacerbating a condition like rosacea or acne. Colorescience Mineral Makeup, however, lets teens feel confident that their makeup won’t make their skin worse, in fact minerals can make it better.

Mineral makeup by Colorescience is a natural anti-inflammatory, a natural anti-septic and does not cause acne because minerals are not absorbed into the skin. Plus, minerals reflect the light and soften features for Homecoming and winter formal photos.

The top-selling teen products from Colorescience include:

Genie Colore eye shadows are concentrated amounts of loose mineral pigments that also double as a liner. Teens can get true pigment without multiple applications. Called “Genies” because they never seem to run out! Available in 33 shades!

Turn the Tides Blemish Serum – help cyst-like blemishes disappear in as little as 4 hours! Liquid Crystals in fused with aromatherapy, vitamin E, Beta-carotene and Aloe Vera. This blemish buster is also enriched with Tea Tree, Clary Sage and lemon…just to name a few!

Gilty Conscience Finger Face Paints – transparent colore with gilded accents of precious metals. Glides on like satin, dries like velvet. Can be used on face, lips and eyes. Available in 4 shades!

Foundation Brushes (SPF 20) – loose mineral foundation is the single most important change a teen can make because it alone can clear up skin and prevent sun damage. Colorescience foundation brushes are coverage, sunblock and concealer all in one! Available in 11 shades!

“Treatment” Cosmetics Make Aging Graceful

Makeup Takeout! SPF 20 To Go!

Micronized mineral makeup by Colorescience blurs the line between makeup and skin care – that’s because the unique, advanced formulas are makeup and skin treatment, creating a positive effect on the actual condition of the skin. Minerals are a natural anti-inflammatory and they act as an antiseptic on the skin, soothing and helping keep the skin clean. They are also a natural sun shield, blocking nasty UVA and UVB rays – one of the mainculprits in aging skin.

“Colorescience is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the skin through our healthy, mineral based cosmetics,” explains president and founder Diane Ranger. “And minerals reflect the light, softening features, something that we all need as we all age!”

Colorescience’s artillery in the battle against aging includes:

Smoothing and Soothing Skin Brightener

Line Tamer –has both short term and long term skin benefits. Instantly, Oat Beta Glucan plumps cells and stimulates collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Long-term benefits include a 70% reduction in redness. Skin brightening pale yellow coloration helps soothe stressed skin after extractions, glycolic treatments or microdermabrasion.

Crystalscience Eye Serum – Nanotechnology (miniscule molecules of liquid crystal) offers iridescent, dramatic visual colore play. Blue algae extract tightens fine lines. Also contains anti-oxidants, Aloe Vera and aromatherapy essential oils.

Shrinking Violet – a universal colore for all skin types containing Azuline, Rose and Neroli oils to help redness, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Foundation Brush – SPF to Go! SPF 20 coverage with the ease of a brush stroke, Colorescience foundation brushes give weightless coverage and are very water resistant.

Perfekt – the apricot tone brightens fair complexions and conceals redness, hyperpigmentation and dark circles. It can be used as a concealer, bronzer, foundation and skin brightener.


Sunforgettable is a clear, weightless powder that does not rub off on clothes. It is safe, odor free, clear on the skin and will not burn the eyes when perspiring.

“Both titanium dioxide and zinc oxides have been widely used in sunscreens for years,” explains Ranger. “But the particle size has been so large that they clump together, reducing their ability to reflect light and leaving a pasty white film on the skin. Now, with nanopowders – Colorescience has given birth to a new generation of sun protection.”

What’s more, Sunforgettable’s full spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection does not have to be reapplied after perspiring or swimming, since it passed the Very Water Resistant 6-Hour Immersion Test.

It’s A Small, Small, Itty, Bitty, Teeny Tiny World.

Colorescience Uses Nanotechnology to Create SUNFORGETTABLE SPF 30, Brush-On, Powder Sun Protection

It’s been called the next industrial revolution a technology that manipulates atoms the size of 1/1000th of one strand of hair. Nanotechnology will allow us to manufacture a new generation of products that are cleaner, stronger, lighter and more precise. With it, Eddie Bauer has created an endless battery. What’s more, Forbes recently began publishing a Nanotech Report.

Colorescience has used nanotechnology to create an entirely new medium for applying sunscreen. The result? POWDER. The new Sunforgettable sun protection relies on the reflective and refractive properties of micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

“I have always felt that the single most important anti-aging product is the right sun protection,” says Coloresceince founder and creator Diane Ranger, whose Sunforgettable SPF30 has made it into the hands of actresses Brittany Murphy, Natasha Richardson and Darryl Hannah.

Colorescience Creates That Golden California Glow!

What do you know? The Beach Boy’s wish is coming true. The sun-kissed line-up from Colorescience means every girl can be a California Girl with products that offer a warm, golden glimmer to any skin tone. With four, magical mineral makeup products to choose from, each girl can find her favorite way to be California radiant.

“With our offices based in Southern California, I wanted to develop something we could all wear in the summer to get that tawny glow without exposing our skin to the elements,” says Diane Ranger, president and founder of Colorescience. “Our California Girl micronized mineral makeup helps even out skin tone and makes faces look as if they are back lit.”

California Girl is available in 4 options:

California Girl Suncanny Foundation Bush
Loose minerals, SPF 20 to go; very water-resistant, retractable makeup brush made with super-goat bristles.

California Girl Dual Finish Pressed Mineral Pigment Compact
Like liquid in a powder form for classic, full coverage; also contains pure pigment for lasting sun protection.

California Girl Crème de la Crème Liquid Foundation
Double coverage for uneven skin and imperfections, enriched with milk lipids and vitamins F,A,C & E. Vitamins C normalizes the skin after sun exposure.

California Girl Sun canny Travel Puff
The pigment is in the puff! Amazing coverage and sun protection. Luxurious puff lasts up to 20 applications.

Colorescience Is All About Firsts!

Colorescience is all about firsts! Founder Diane Richardson Ranger was first to create the loose mineral makeup concept all the way back in 1977. Diane was the first to rate minerals, initially with an SPF 15 in 1992 and then with an SPF 20 in 1995. This year Diane and Colorescience introduced another first: an SPF 30 clear powder sun protection, based on Nanotechnology.

Colorescience is also first in ground breaking and trend setting formulations in a number of colore products categories.

Diane was the first to package loose minerals in a “take it to go,” self-dispensing retractable, brush applicator that takes the mess out of loose minerals. Diane was the first to create a complete line of products in which each product boasts of active ingredients that are skin beneficial, the first to give you confidence that Looking Good is Good For Your Skin.

Sunforgettable - Redefining Sun Protection!

We are proud to introduce you to our newest mineral creation, Sunforgettable. All Powderful, All Clear, SPF 30 full spectrum (UVA and UVB and Infrared) for Everybody: men, women, and children. Its is physical sun protection with zinc and titanium dioxide and will not absorb into your skin.

This “invisible” light weight SPF 30 mineral powder comes in as easy to use retractable brush! “Just Brush It On Pat It In.” based on Nanotechnology, this powder is effective after skin peels, laser resurfacing and most surgical procedures. Those with rosacea, eczema, and other skin problems can use this sun protection.

• All Powderful
• Easy To Use
• Convenient, In A Refillable Dispensing Brush
• It’s Clear
• Long Lasting
• Feels Weightless
• For All Ages, Genders And Skin Tones
• Great For Sports
• Very Water Resistant
• Won’t Rub Off On Clothes
• Will Not Burn Your Eyes
• Safe Sun Protection for Children and Pregnant Women
• Lose The Greasy Cream Sunscreen Feeling

Colorescience Introduces a Purple and Bronze Fall

With rich, autumn shades of purple and bronze, Colorescience micronized mineral makeup has embraced the romanticism of Fall with their new lineup of products.

“The makeup artists with whom we work gave us a heads up that the colore palate for Indian Summer will be strong this Fall,” explains president and founder Diane Ranger. “We then created a lovely lineup of lavenders, purples, coppers and tawny metallics, which can be worn individually or together.”

Fall mineral makeup stars by Colorescience included:

Blush Brush – It’s just cheeky! This retractable super-goat brush distributes mineral colore that reflects the light and makes ski glow.

The Color Purple – a blushing, pink-violet, an amazingly universal colore for most skin tones.

Genie Colore for eyes is state of the art, loose mineral pigment that can be used dry or wet, for lining the eyes.

Wait Until Dark – violet warmed by rose-gold.
Violets are Blue – a deep, sultry indigo
Bold As Brass – bold, brilliant copper.

Gilty Conscience Lip Polish – 8-12 hours of colore, no feathering and won’t kiss off! It is colored with mineral pigment, no dyes. It feels as if you are wearing nothing at all.

Deception – bronze-pink gilded with gold.
Purple Rain – cool, iridescent lilac.

Crystalescience Lip Serum exhibits dramatic visual colore play and a high level of iridescence. Includes a patented lip plumper that instantly plumps the lips and over time rebuilds the lip structure. It repairs chapped lips.

Orange U Sweet – warms up any lip colore with a sun kiss.
Thru the Grape Vine – adds a hint of wine to any lip colore.

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