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Brush Care and Maintenance

New brushes should always be cleansed prior to use. This will remove any chemical residue left behind on the hair from the sanitizing process, and prevent any. Possible sensitivity. New brushes often shed. Do not be alarmed; this is normal and will taper off after a few cleansing processes.

Cleansing: Professionals know that hygiene is of the utmost importance when performing services. Although there is a low risk of transference when dealing with powder makeup, tools should still be treated with the same diligence and standards as implements in any other area.

We recommend cleaning brushes with liquid soap and water or a mild hair shampoo and conditioner free of wax-coating agents, chemical dyes, and strong perfumes. This will maintain the integrity, structure, and softness of the natural hair and its performance in application.

Use warm water. Never leave brushes to soak in water as this will negatively affect the ferrule and handle.

Place a pea-size amount of soap of shampoo in the palm of the hand. Wet the brush and massage the cleanser into the natural hair by stroking the brush back and forth in the palm of the hand until the cleanser has been fully dispersed throughout the brush hairs. Rinse the hairs thoroughly until the water runs clear. Repeat the cleansing process as necessary.

To condition the brush hair, follow the same procedures as cleaning or put a drop of cleanser into a beaker, fill with water and dip the brush head in it. This will replace the electromagnetic charge of the hairs, ensure their softness and prevent dryness and breakage.. Rinse the conditioner out thoroughly using cold water.

Drying: Create a ring with the index finger and thumb. Pull the brush through the fingers while applying pressure. This will remove the excess water and maintain the shape of the brush. Place each brush flat on a towel to dry. If possible, lay the brush so the head is over the edge of the counter. This allows the air to circulate evenly and also helps to maintain the shape of the brush. The Handi and the Powder brush but avoid high heat. Never allow brushes to dry in the upright position. This will result in water running down into the ferrule, loosening glue and causing hair loss.. Drying a brush in the upright position will also result in the loss of its original shape.

We also recommend that the professional have at least two working sets of brushes so that one can be use while the other drying. In a rush? We have now developed our Botanical Brush Cleaner that contains essential oils and seaweed conditioners. It is a quick fix when you can’t wait for brushes to dry. We don’t recommend exclusive use of it on natural hair brushes, since the alcohol will eventually dry out the hairs even though the seaweed conditioners will help to prevent it.. If you are using another chemical cleaner, read the ingredients. Make sure there is nothing in it that has the potential for sensitizing the skin or harming your brushes.

Other suggestions for professional hygiene are: always use disposable mascara wands, remembering never to double-dip. Cut the tester wands out of mascara tubes and lip glosses. This prevents anyone using the testers without a disposable. Shave lip color from the bullet with a small plastic spatula and use disposable. Shave lip color from the bullet with a small plastic spatula and use disposable lipstick brushes. Some of these are difficult to work with, as the hair is too long and soft to be able to apply sufficient color. A suggestion is to cut the length of the brush hair in half increase stability. Always sharpen eye and lip pencils before use, since it is the only way to clean the core. Keep pencil sharpeners free of build-up and drop them in an alcohol bath.

Tip 1: Dirty makeup stations and tools is the number one complaint from consumers. Always pick up after every application.

Tip 2: Never submerge brushes fully in water or allow them to soak. This will shorten the life of your brushes by affecting the ferrule and handle.

Tip 3: When Traveling, use a brush case. This will ensure the integrity of the brushes for years to come.

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