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bareMinerals Makeup Tips

bareMinerals Makeup Tips

bareMinerals is actually good for your skin. In fact, in a clinical study we discovered overall condition of the skin impoved by 49%. * From an independent clinical survey of women between 16-65: Redness reduced by 31%: skin dehydration improved by 73%: skin smoothness, elasticity and texture improved by 49%.

You can prep. your skin with bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper which is daily multi-vitamin supplement loaded with botanical extracts and AHA's to re-energize and smooth out your complexion. It will boost the beauty of the bareMinerals you'll buff on next.

Bisque / Summer Bisque Multi-Tasking Minerals

Spot-concealer Use over or under bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation on dark areas, or buff directly on problem spots with brush tip.

Color-purifying eyeshadow base Apply to entire eyelid.

Customize color Mix with bareMinerals face, cheek and eye colors for gorgeous new tones.

There’s nothing like our…

Recapture the beautiful dewiness of a child’s skin with translucent bareMinerals Clear Radiance or give skin a revitalized “just got back from vacation” glow with our new bareMinerals Warm Radiance. These invisible wonders have special effects so subtle no one will dream you’re wearing anything at all. Apply under over, or mixed with any bareMinerals face color for a soft luminous glow.

Wear under bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation for a youthful effect.

For radiant custom shades, mix with your favorite Blush

strong>Angled Face Brush perfectly fits the contours of your cheeks for pro application of Clear Radiance or Warm Radiance.

Add Warmth to any bareMinerals Foundation shade for a deeper tone.

Mix Glee with Eyeshadows, Lip Colors and Blushes to brighten the tones.

Glee - When we asked women to think back to a joy-filled moment, their faces took on this lovely rosy tint.. captured for you in Glee. Our best-loved All Over Face Color brightens all skin tones for the look of pure joy.

True - A delicate radiant glow of sweet color that looks completely natural. True is so true to you, it looks different on each woman!

Mix Warmth and Glee together for a naturally high-on-life look.

Tapered Blush Brush is perfectly rounded to apply the most natural tone of color.

Get a California sun glow by sweeping Golden Gate Blush over areas of the face the sun naturally warms, like forehead, cheeks, chin, brudge of the nise.

For a near-natural look, apply a sheer wash of Thistle Blush with the Tapered Blush Brush.

Before applying Lipstick and Lip Liner, dab Hint Blush over freshly moisturized lips.

We know that you already have a blush brush-maybe a bunch of them. But our unique bareMinerals Blushes—concentrated, translucent, pure—are best apply with a light touch, using our specially designed Taper Blush Brush.

Mix Glee All-Over Face Color with Blush to brighten the tone.

The Flathead Shadow Brush is the Multi-talented wonder. Buff in, buff over, buff out, and color on eye with soft, flat edge brush.

Use the Double-Ended Precision Brush for those hard-to-reach areas, like the inner corners of the eyes.


Step one- Vanilla Sugar Eyeshadow all over lid for a skin-tone flush.
Step two- A wash of Bare skin Glimmer warms up the crease
Step Three- Rich Coffee Bean Liner Shadow close to lash line with a hint on bottom outer corner.
Step Four- Highlight under brow bone with Chenille Eyeshadow applied wet for a see-through look.

Well-Rested – Our instant eye brightening shadow is a wake-up call for the weary-eyed. No matter how many zzzzzz’s you get, layer it below all your gorgeous bareMinerals eye colors to keep them 100% true-to hue and fresh-looking all day.

Get a beautiful under-glow by laying down Glimmer first, then go over with a sheer wash of Eyeshadow tone.

Use Shadows wet to intensify these luscious colors and achieve a more dramatic look.

Use Shadows dry for soft, smoky effects.

Mix BareMinerals Multi-Tasking Bisque with your favorite Shadows to lighten.

Blend one Shadow (or more!) with Warmth All-over Face Color to naturally deepen warm up the tones.

Apply a neutral shadow like Chenille, Vanilla Sugar or Blush to lid as a base, blending around eye area and contour crease. Your top Shadow will last even longer.

Glimmer Eye

Step one- Apply Nude Beach Glimmer over lid for a soft radiant, all-over glow.
Step Two- Define the crease with a blushing tone of Heart Glimmer
Step Three- Warm the all-over effect on the lid with a sheer wash of Warmth
applied to the mid-point of the eyes.
Step Four- Add soft, sexy contrast around the lash base by using Coffee Bean Liner Shadow and blending over the soft tone of Antique Pearl Glimpse.

For all-over eye brightening effects, apply Cultured Pearl Glimpse wet as base tone prior to any other eye color. This “foiled technique” will give an under glow of color.

Double up on a color by applying Black Pearl Glimpse on top of any eyeliner color by using Flathead Shadow Brush to buff on soft, smokey tone.

Our Flathead Shadow Brush is the very best tool for applying glimmers and glimpse. You’ll adore hoe its wide, flat head gives you a soft application of color over the entire lid….effortlessly.

Use dry for soft smudged, romantic effects. Use wet by dipping dampened Eyeliner Brush into shadow for defined or dramatic—or even daring looks.

Wonderful Looks!!!

Look one - True Gold glimmer is washed over the entire lid with Soft Black Liner Shdow in a classic line.

Look Two - Hyacinth Glimpse is washed over the entire lid with Rose Pearl Glimpse in the crease. Smudge Sugar Plum Liner Shadow dry using the pointed end of the Double-Ended Precision Brush for a nice, neutral daytime look.

Lip Tip

Always use a Lip Liner for a fuller looking lips and longer lasting wear. We recommend Neutral Lip Liner for any shades.

Get a dewy glow by applying Lip Gloss under Lipstick.

Blend one Lipstick ( or 2 or 3! ) with Lip Gloss to create gorgeous new shades with a hint of sexy sheen.

Modern Mauve-Brown

Use Neutral Lip Liner fill in lips with Baby Lipstick, top with Sheer Viloet Lip Gloss. Cool and understand.

Wearable Nude Lip Gloss over Sienna Lip Liner for a golden blushed lip.

Sweet Pink Lip Gloss over Wearable Nude Lipstick for a soft natural lip.

Keep your Brushes Clean!!!

We have Quick Change Brush Cleaner or Brush Sampoo

Brushes are often overlooked. We use them then simply throw them back in our make-up case not caring much for the condition we leave them. This is usually the reason why the brushes we buy do not last as long as we hoped for. Armando's Brushes last a long time because they are made with sable bristles and even with the use of high-quality materials, Armando's Brushes would not last much longer than lower quality brushes without the proper care.

So what is proper brush care and what are the benefits it will give you besides longevity? When applying your make-up, your brushes mix with your cosmetics as well as the oils on your skin. Over time, this could cause the bristles of the brush to clump together causing your make-up application to not go as smoothly as you would like. That fine line you like for your eyeliner may not be obtainable with a dirty brush. Not caring for your brushes may also cause different shadows to mix together in your brush creating a color that you never intended on using!

To clean your brushes, you can also run them under tepid water. (Always hold the brush under the water with the handle pointing up so as not to damage the brush.) Add a small amount of mild shampoo to your index finger then emulsify (by rubbing your index finger and thumb together). Gently squeeze the shampoo into your brush. Rinse your fingers and brush. When thoroughly rinsed, gently wring out the remaining moisture from the brush while forming the bristles and set on a towel to dry.

More Bare Escentuals Application Techniques

Start to Finish Makeunder Steps
• Cleanse a small area of the jaw line and determine the perfect bareMinerals Foundation shade
• Prep the face: Remove makeup and apply moisturizer
• Conceal and perfect
• Swirl, tap and buff bareMinerals Foundation
• Add a soft focus finish with Mineral Veil
• Apply bareMinerals All-Over Face Color
• Apply bareMinerals Blush
• Apply bareMinerals for eyes
• Finish with Lips

Step 1: Determine the bareMinerals Foundation
• Skin tone: the color of the skin
• Undertone: the under color of the skin
• Surface tone: discoloration, redness, etc.
• Cleanse jaw line. Using maximum coverage concealer brush stripe one shade and stripe the other shade a little father up the jaw line
• The perfect match seems to disappear into her skin.

Step 2: Prep
• Remove eye makeup
• Cleanse skin
• Apply bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper
• Follow with moisturizer

Step 3: Conceal
• Select Multi Tasking Bisque or Summer Bisque to conceal under eyes, eyelid, redness or blemishes
• If Bisque or Multi Tasking Bisque are not the right shade use bareMinerals Foundation

Step 4: Determine Coverage and Swirl, Tap and Buff
• Sheer to medium: Flawless Application Face Brush
• Medium to Full: Full Coverage Kabuki
• Full or complete: Maximum Coverage Face Brush
• Apply to one side of the face
• Notice the difference
• Apply to the other side of face
• Reinforce the look, feel, versatility

Step 5: Soft Focus Mineral Veil
• As a quick finish before starting color, apply Mineral Veil. This translucent all-over finishing powder helps smooth out imperfections and has oil-controlling benefits, so your foundation lasts all day without touchups.
• Swirl, tap and buff to apply

Step 6: All-Over Face Color
• Use Angled Face Brush or Flawless Application Brush, lightly highlight areas such as forehead, top cheekbone, chin or nose to give a natural, healthy glow to the skin. Complexion boaster to add color and dimension to the face

Step 7: Blush
• Brighter or neutral tones that add slight color or accent to cheeks
• Use Tapered Blush Brush or Angled Face Brush
• Start color just under the center of eye and follow along cheekbone area-sweeping and lifting color as you work toward hairline

Step 8: Eyes and Pay Off
• Select eye shadow and liner shades based on customers “look” preference
• Light payoff for dark shades
• Brush hairs are loose
• Flathead shadow brush
• Blending brush
• Eye Defining brush

Medium to dark payoff
• Brush hairs are tighter
• Eye Contour Brush (medium)
• Wet/Dry Brush (med to dark)
• Tapered Shadow Brush (dark)
• Liner Brush (dark)

Eyes: Base and Highlighting
• Select a base or highlighting shade 2 shades lighter than the skin tone. Apply all over lid area, from lash to brow
• Brush suggestions: Eye Contour Shadow Brush or Wet/Dry Brush
• Color Suggestions: Chenille, Snow, Soul, Vanilla Sugar, Well Rested, Hyacinth, Bikini, Nude Beach, Opal and Cultured Pearl

Eyes: Shaping, Shadowing and Accent Shades
• Select and accent shade that is 1-2 shades darker than the customers’s skin tone. Apply color from lash to crease of eye
• Brush suggestions: Flathead Eye Shadow Brush, Wet/Dry brush or Eye Contour Brush
• Color suggestions: Butterfly, Cashmere, Silk Rose, Antique Pearl, Rose Pearl, Tiger Lilly Celery, Celestine, Heart and Radiant Rebecca

Eyes: Foiling
• Foiling is an effect you get when applying the glimmers and glimpse wet, using the Wet/Dry Brush. The effect is intense iridescence color
• Apply any shadow or liner shadow wet for more intense color

Eyes: Liner
• Defines the eye
• Select shade based on customers “look” preference
• Sweep close to the upper lash line, from inside to outside corner of eye
• Apply wet for a dramatic “liquid” line
• Apply dry/damp for a smoky eye
• Brushes: Eye Liner Brush, Double-Ended Shaping Brush and Tapered Shadow Brush
• Color suggestions: Natural: Coffee Bean or Bark, Moderate: Soft Black or Green Tea, Dramatic: Onyx or Sapphire

Eyes: Mascara
• Use lash builder
• “look” preference
• Look straight ahead or just slightly down while you apply the mascara

Eyes: Brows
• Brows frame the face and add definition to the eyes. A must for bridal and photographs
• Select shade of Brow Color
• Determine where brow needs shading
• Using Brow Brush. Fill in brows using short feathery strokes
• Finish with Brow Gel

Step 9: Lips
• Lips are the finishing touch. Do you prefer a lip look defined or natural? Do you prefer a matte look or sheerer, translucent look? Do you like the glossed or shinny look?

Lips Tips
• Apply liner from center of the arch on the top lip and bring outward to corner of lip along the natural lip line. Do the same with the other half of the lip. For the bottom lip, work from the outside corner inward half way-do the same for other half of the lower lip. Blend line with lip brush
• Choose a lip liner the same shade or one shade darker to line the lips
• Using a lip brush allows for a more accurate application of intense shades such as red, plum and burgundy
• Mixing shades of gloss and lipstick will add creativity and depth to the lip shade

i.d. bareMinerals Looks

• The natural eye
• The moderate eye
• The dramatic eye
• The foiled eye
• The glimmer eye
• The smoky eye
• High impact shine look
• BE a true believer
• Favorite lip looks

The Natural Eye
• Apply base color: Bisque or Summer Bisque
• Apply Well Rested shadow all over eye area w/ Eye Contour Shadow Brush
• Apply Pebble shadow to lid with Flathead Shadow Brush
• Apply Warmth or Java shadow to crease with Eye Defining Brush
• Apply Now liner damp with Eye Liner Brush very close to lash base

The Moderate Eye
• Apply base color: Bisque or Summer Bisque
• Apply Demure shadow all over
• Apply Heart glimmer to lid with Flathead Shadow Brush
• Apply Black Pearl glimpse to crease with Eye Defining Brush
• Apply Luxe liner damp with Eye Liner Brush or Double-Ended Shaping Brush

The Dramatic Eye
• Apply base color: Bisque or Summer Bisque
• Apply Opal glimmer all over eye area w/ Eye Contour Shadow Brush
• Apply Celery glimpse (foiled) to lid with Wet/Dry Brush
• Apply Mermaid to crease with Eye Defining Brush
• Apply Onyx liner wet with Eye Liner Brush to upper lashes only

The Foiled Eye
• Apply base color: Bisque or Summer Bisque
• Apply Cultured Pearl glimpse all over eye area w/ Wet/Dry Brush
• Apply Celestine glimmer (foiled) to lid with Wet/Dry brush
• Apply Java shadow to crease with Eye Defining Brush
• Apply Soft Black liner wet with Eye Liner Brush
• Apply Envy glimmer to Socialite glimmer (foiled) with Eyeliner Brush over Soft Black liner on top lashes and rim lower lashes

The Glimmer Eye
• Apply base color: Bisque or Summer Bisque
• Apply Nude glimmer all over eye area w/ Eye Contour Shadow Brush
• Apply True Gold glimmer (foiled) to lid Wet/Dry Brush and rim lower lashes with Eyeliner Brush
• Apply Queen Tiffany glimmer to crease with Eye Defining Brush
• Apply Body Minerals on top and all around eye with Flathead Shadow Brush
• Apply Bark liner wet with Eye Liner Brush or Double-Ended

The Smoky Eye
• Apply base color: Bisque or Summer Bisque
• Apply Snow shadow all over eye area w/ Eye Contour Shadow Brush
• Apply Snow shadow all over eye area w/Eye Contour Shadow Brush
• Apply Soft Black liner dry with Double-Ended Shaping Brush
• Rim and blend over Soft black liner with Zen liner using Tapered Shadow Brush
• Apply Moss glimpse to lid with Flathead Shadow Brush
• Apply Graphite shadow to crease avoiding inner eye area with Eye Defining Brush
• Apply Snow to brow bone and blend edges with Snow and Eye Contour Brush
• Apply Moss glimpse (foiled) with Double-Ended Shaping Brush to upper and lower lashes

High Impact Shine with Clear Radiance
• Wear Clear Radiance under foundation for youthful effect
• For radiant custom shades, mix with favorite blush
• Mix with eye colors for a gorgeous glow
• Use wet as a luminous eye shadow
• Wear over lipstick for a glimmery effect
• Dust on shoulders, body, anywhere you want a dewy look

BE A True Believer
• Create a “twilight” look by applying True on the high points of the dace and over blush
• True adds radiance to blush tones
• Mix Warmth and True together for a glimmery warmth
• With a lip brush apply True over lipstick color for a touch of glimmer and glam
• Mix with your favorite lip balm with True

Favorite Lip Looks
• Day time look: line lips with Earth liner, apply Sheer Jot lipstick, top with Clear Tangerine gloss
• Modern mauve-brown: line lips with Neutral liner, fill in lips with Baby lipstick and top with Sheer Violet gloss
• Party pink: Line lips with Sienna line, use Katelynn lipstick and top off with Sweet Pink gloss
• BE bridge lip: line lip with Wearable Wine liner, fill in with lip brush and Wearable Wine lipstick, to off with Nude gloss

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