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Acne Treatment - Acne Scars

Q: my daughter has ms her legs are very bad sort the skin is braking and turning blue because of poor circulations , is the papain cream alba good to cure her leg skin?

Esthetician: I'm not familiar with papain cream alba. What I would do in your case is consulting with physician to find out the actual reason of her symtoms before trying on some products.

Q: I am a 53 year old fair skinned red head with very limited sun exposure. However, I do have freckles, along with drooping jaw and smile lines, and a little neck issue. How can I help these issues without surgery, or injectables?

Esthetician: Phytomer - HOMME Lift Performance Remodeling Contouring Concentrate is what I would suggest for you. Use it on your face and neck after you have washed your face every morning and night. It will help improve the skin texture but again, the result will not be as sugical procedure and it take a lot longer time.

Q: I purchased a Borghese brush set from Costco. They sent a letter saying that it may contain yeast and that I should return it. What does yeast do? I like the set and don't want to return it.

Esthetician: I don't know exactly the affects it can have on your skin from a makeup brush but I do know that yeast can cause infections in the body so if the brushes were recalled I would suggest you send them back.

Q: Dr Berger, my lips have lost it fullness,is there anything to use and do not use botox

Esthetician: I don’t believe there is a way to permanetley make your lips fuller but we have many lip glosses that can temporarily make your lips appear fuller. People tend to feel a tingle/burn sensation when using these but it does not last the entire time you wear it just initially.

Q: Hi, I want to know about the NeoStrata Gel Plus AHA 15 100ml. If I want to buy this product, do I have to go see doctor? thank you.

Esthetician: No you do not need to see a doctor before using this product.

Q: Como puedo hacer para que me nascan mas pestanas y tambien que crescan. "

Esthetician: Para más gruesas pestañas sugiero RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara

Q: I can't tell what my skin undertone is. I'm fair skin and I'm undecided if I would use a natural or beige pressed powder. They both look close to my skin color. How can I determine?

Esthetician: A trick used to figure out skin undertones is to take a small square of red, blue, yellow, and green construction paper and hold it up to your jawline, right where your neck meet your chin. Which ever color seems to match your skin the most will be your undertone.

Q: my hair is not thick and there is baldness in the centre of my head and on the side of my front i need help am so frustrated!

Esthetician: Hair by Revitalash is the product that you should use.

Q: Is Spectralrs for men only?

Esthetician: No it is for both men and women.

Q: is there an inhome machine that will help as well

Esthetician: No there is no in home machine. The only machine for this would be a laser that only doctors can use. We do, however, carry a few products to help you with this.

Q: hola,what will i do to remove my freckles,its in the mouth area in the upper part..thnx..

Esthetician: You should try Exuviance Lightening Complex.

Q: finally running out of bioelements sheer makeup - level 2 (totalley weightless which evens up & brightens skin tone)which I had bought many of when found they were discontinuing. What would be best alternative in the dermalogica line but not sure which of their categories would be best. Thank you for your input.

Esthetician: To even up and brighten skin tone, I would use the Chroma White line from Dermalogica. But if you are looking for makeup, I would suggest Dermalogica's Treatment Foundation.

Q: I have allergies, and i got used to my Boy friend using two different pre and after shave gells, one being (Old Spice sooting gel) which they no longer make, could u tell me do they make a electric pre and after shave for men that's unsented?

Esthetician: The Art of Shaving has bot a pre and post shave unscented oil.

Q: Hi My hair wont grow I Got my split ends Cut but my hair still wont grow What should I do ?
And My Mother's hair keeps falling out what should she use?

Esthetician: You both should use DS Laboratories shampoo and conditioner.

Q: What do you think of Bobbi brown makeup? I have combination skin and de tend to break out with certain makeup. Or which makeup brand do you suggest is best? I do want it to last during the hot humid summer down here. Thank you for your time.

Esthetician: Bobbi Brown is absolutley a great brand of makeup but we also have some great brands that will also work with your skin and any makeup will stay on all day during humid days if you are using a good primer. Most makeup brand already have a primer but if not you can use any primer with different makeup brands.

Q: Is there a guarantee on the Dark Spot
Remover? I have tried many different products, and none work!

Esthetician: There is no money back guarantee or any guarantee for that matter but I promise you that all the products we carry are top of the line and the only reason we cant guarantee any of our products is because everyones skin is different and what may work for one person may not work for another.

Q: can we fund the zit stick in a locat phramace?

Esthetician: None of the products we carry can be found in local pharamacies or drug stores. We carry top of the line brands that cant be sold in certain places.

Q: is there any slimming products in the market which really change the life?

Esthetician: I don’t think we have any "life changing" slimming products but we have many that will help a lot. We have FatGirlSlim by Bliss and we have Priori's Body Shaping complex and Priori's Slimming body complex along with many others for you to choose from.

Q: what kind of cosmetics can i wear that will not cause my ane to flare up? THanks

Esthetician: Relastin has makup products made for each different skin type. This may help you with the acne flare up.

Q: Is there anything to eleviate the dryness of my scalp from the available shampoos ?

Esthetician: You can try BORGHESE - Ristorativo Di Vita Conditioning Treatment for Hair and Scalp.

Q: I wanted to ask if the vials for hair loss really work.
There is a lot of products out there and not sure which one to trust...???
Thanks in advance :)

Esthetician: Yes the hair loss products we carry really do work.

Q: Hi, i am suffering from razor bumps and i wanted to purchase the razor bump relief and the After Shave Balm, but all their instructions say they are to be used immediately after shaving, so in what order am i supposed to use them, and will using the two at once affect my skin?

Esthetician: I would use the razor burn relife first and then the after shave balm. Use the razor burn relief only on effected areas and then use the balm on the entire shaved area.

Q: any time i wear mascara, i find that within hours of having it on,it triggers my asthma. eyeliner and eyeshadow seem to have similar effects. what can i do? i feel incomplete without eyemakeup on, so having to stop using it completely has been a challenge. is there a specific doctor i need to go too? help!

Esthetician: I would go to your regular physcian and explain to him your problem so he can help you with that because I see no reason why make-up would trigger your asthma but he might.

Q: i need solucion about this problem

Esthetician: We have all kinds of soaps and perfumes but if it’s an odor problem you cant control you need to go see your doctor.

Q: hi, i have a question about the priori products... i am considering purchasing a priori product and have never used it. what should i start out with;would one product produce results, or the whole line. i don't want to make a big investment. any advice would be apprecitated. thank you

Esthetician: Well it all depends on your skin type but my personal favorite is their CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals line. It contains coffe berry which is a new and amazing antioxidant.

Q: hello sir
i live in malasiya,my skin has freckle and dark. do I have a AHA cream for whitening? if ok, what brand I use? thank you

Esthetician: Phytomer Whiteclat2 Whitening Spot Corrector Serum is the best product for you.

Q: I'm 58 and I am looking for a concealer for under my eyes.I have oily skin.I don't want anything that accentuates my lines.Any recommendations?

Esthetician: I suggest Jane Iredale Active Light Under Eye Concealer.

Q: I am rather confused on what to purchase? All 5 or how do I know which color works for my skin? I have very sensitive, extremely dry skin very light. Please advise?
Thank you kindly
Mary Musso

Esthetician: Im not sure what brand you are talking about but no you would only get the number that corresponds with the color that you want and on our website there should be a chart for you to look at when you click on the product that will show what number goes with what color.

Q: With more of us becoming health and chemical conscious. I would like to know if your products are Paraben Free. Thank you

Esthetician: Some are and some aren't and if you read the description of a product it would mention if it was paraben free.

Q: Dear Sir,
I am truly bothered by my eyelids - they are very dry, and now in the wintertime in cold Norway, my situation is unbearable. I would really like to buy an eyecream (for the record, I´m most fond of Babor), but my problem is that they are all reducing fine lines and wrinkles - I´m only 22 years old, and I think it´s way to early to worry about wrinkles. In fact, I am against it - I want to grow old with "dignity". Anyhow, do you think you can help me to find a great moisturizing eyecream? I also have dark circles under my eyes. As said, I would like the eyecream to be from Babor (if it is possible).
Forgive me my poor English.
Thank you in advance!
Best regards,

Esthetician: BABOR Sensational Eye Cream would work for both of you problems.

Q: Dear Dr Berger,
I have few milia's under my left eyes. I have been advised that since they are too close to my eyes doctors will not touch them.
I would like to hear your opinions about how i can get rid of them. I think they came due to the fact that i have used too thick a cream under my eye areas for years.
Do you have any suggestions to how i can get rid of them with any cream? or operations?
I prefer to use a cream...
Thank you.

Esthetician: The only thing I can suggest for milia would be for you to lightly exfoliate using a product like dermalogica's daily microfoliant but you cant get any in your eye so if it is too close then I would not use it.

Q: Good day sir!
I was wondering if their is any creme on the market available which will remove little birthmarks in the face. I've got their al lot and they are very dark. Their are creme's like dark spot correctors but il quess the are yust for (don't know the word) elderly spots? Or is their any product that will give a good cover up? Ill hope you'll understand my question.
Looking forward to your repley,
Greetings Laura

Esthetician: Well you cant get rid of birthmarks but if you were looking to cover them up then I can suggest any of our makeup concealers from lines like paula dorf, jane iredale, or dermablend.

Q: I'm allergic to various nuts and seeds. If I can't eat these things, is it safe for me to put products containing nut oils on my skin? I'm thinking of sunflower, sesame, almond/sweet almond, etc. Incidentally, I have eczema on my hands, arms and scalp. --Thanks.

Esthetician: No, if you are allergic to seeds and nuts I would not use any products containing nuts or seeds.

Q: I have sensitive skin and especially my eye lids. I am allergic to Titaniam Oxcide and most eye shadow has this ingredient in it.
What would be the best eye shadow for me.
Thank you.

Esthetician: I'm not sure of which eyeshadow because we have so many but when you are looking through the eyeshadows on our website look at the bottem of the description and the ingredients should be there.

Q: I am 43, had a Pearl 2 1/2 years ago and loved the results. (Prior I had the IPL package to no avail.) Now it is time to do something again, and want to compare Fraxel 2 vs. Pearl. I have brown spots starting to reappear, and under my eyes looks like crepe paper, and fine thin lines are developing on the upper side of my lip, and the lip in that area is thinning a little. I don't smoke, rarely use straws, don't whistle, and don't know why this is happening! I wear both a physical and chemical sunscreen daily. I want to just firm it all up and make the brown spots go away again. I've been told that perhaps a cycle of Pearl-Fraxel-Pearl might provide lifelong results, that preventing is much better than fixing. What is the real truth? PS. My mom and grandma looked young for their age, as do I (in makeup) but aged rapidly one they hit 50. So I really need to get a handle on this.

Esthetician: We don’t carry either of those products so I'm really not familiar with them. I can, however, suggest a line we carry called Neocutis. This product helps with both fine lines and dark spots.

Q: I have a wound aprx 4" wide and 8" long on my back from a muscle excision and staph infection. The skin looks similar to a burn victims. There is a tiny area were the skin broke open and won't stop weeping, and getting an infection in it. Is there a cream I can use to moisturize this area. It's also had radiation to it, this whole mess started from an aggressive tumor.

Esthetician: If the wound is opening you need to see a doctor right away.

Q: which product will make the most visible diffrerence and your opinion of years that are taken off using it. i am italian and 61 years old i have had type i diabetes for 5 years the medicine and combination of the diabetes caused my teeth to turn black and had to have all removed, wear dentures now, but it seems my top lip is really thin now. is there also a good product for plumping lights? thank stephanie

Esthetician: For your fine lines you should try Neocutis or any of the anti-aging products we have on our website. There is no product that permanantly plumps your lips but there are lip glosses that temporarily plum your lips.

Q: i had used the gio deoreant spray for man and i made me a rash under the armes what should i do
thanks docter

Esthetician: For one you should stop using that product and go to your local pharmacy and find a cream for your rash. If it still bothers you after that then I suggest you have it looked at by a doctor.

Q: doctor, i am not a dentist but what i realise people in my country, i am from DRC congo,they have many dental problems so that`s why i need to know what to do if i bring them the products? i need training or not?

Esthetician: I'm not sure what products you plan on using from our site because we only carry supersmile and that only whitens teeth. I am not a dentist so I cant give you advice on this topic but I do advise that you do not perform any treatments without professional trainning.

Q: i am 35 and i have lot of hair fall and damage and now getting baldness pls suggest what to do..

Esthetician: Try DS Laboratories - Spectral.DNC Hair Loss Treatment

Q: As I have aged (I'm 62), I've noticed that I bruise much more easily if I bump into something than I did when I was younger. What would you recommend to (1) prevent bruising (is there a nutritional supplement I can take?) and (2) cover up bruising (is Dermablend any good?). Thanks!

Esthetician: I would not know which supplements you can take for that as I am not a nutritionist but dermablend is a very good product to cover brusies.

Q: I have been using Phyto-C Ace Serum and Velvet Gel. Do you carry these products?

Esthetician: No we do not

Q: Hi,i am 24 yr old from India.My mum is very white.When i ws born even i was milky white bt during my teenage my skin started geting dark and i developd strech marks over my breasts,waist and thighs.My scalp hair are also very thin.Plz help

Esthetician: For stretch marks you can try one of the products from Mama Mio.As for your thin hair, you can go to our conditions and concerns section on our website and look under hair loss and check out all the different products that can help you.

Q: is the mineral powder okay for wrinkles around the eye or does it make it cake in the wrinkles

Esthetician: Well I can't completely answer your question without seeing your skin but I can tell you it is a possibility. However, if you use it lightly over your face with a soft brush, I'm sure you wont have a problem.

Q: I would like to know the possibility of having a consultation.

Esthetician: We can't do medical consultations but if you live in New Jersey near our store in Nutley you can come in and talk to our esthetician and she can analyze your skin and suggest products for you. If you can't make it hear you can call in and ask what they suggest for your skin type.

Q: Dear Dr. Berger,
I have stubborn spots that are lingering reminders of a breakout. What would you suggest for fading these spots and preventing future blemishes? Thanks much and all the best!

Esthetician: You can try exfoliating 2 to 3 times a week and if that doesn't work then you should try to use scarlight.

Q: My daughter has very many blackheads on just her nose ... what is the best treatment to be rid of them. I don't want to hurt her feelings.

Esthetician: You should take her to get a facial so they can extract some of the comodones on her nose but as far as products go you should try an ezymatic exfoliant.

Q: Hello, First of all, Happy New Year!!
Now for my problem: I had been getting much better from my acne, however continue having some superficial but annoying scars and some active acne every now and then. I started using a cream called Bioxet (for oily skin) a month ago which helps reduce facial hair and my acne was somewhat controlled, however I was away for the weekend for New Year´s and ate things I shouldn´t have and wore recommended make up but broke out a little. My scars look redder and a friend of mine not only suggested but also gave me a sample of Neostrata High Potency with 18% glycolic acid and 2% Lactibionic Acid and as curious and anxious as I am to try it out on my acne and scars, I´m also afraid of using this with the bioxet, but I don´t want to interrupt using bioxet because it only works if it´s used consistently.

This is what is said on bioxet´s site:
BIOXET is a skin care product containing herbal extracts which reduces and weakens unwanted hair permanently and is practical to use. Moreover, BIOXET is formulated to provide daily care for your skin. It stabilizes your skin’s pH value and contributes greatly to its moisture content and silky texture. BIOXET users do not need to use any other skin care products.

Do you have any knowledge about their simultaneous usage? It´s very specific I know, however I had to ask. They´re both very good products but I wish they could work together because my acne scars are still very visible.

Also, I have read about this particular Neostrata product and most reviews don´t talk about it´s effect on acne or scars, they mention effects on wrinkles. What could work on acne scars? Thank you!
Leonor Ferreira

Esthetician: I wouldn't mix Bioxet with any other high potency facial product if it's website says not to. However, it sounds to me like the redness of your acne scars is the problem you are most concerned with at the moment. I would suggest using a calming product such as dermalogica ultra calming, it helps with redness and sensitivity. From experience I can tell you that this line of product does help to calm down your skin. after your skin has calmed down then you can look for a product to get rid of your acne scars. We have many great products for that but you must fix your skin one problem at a time, you may want to use different products to help with different problems but thats when your skin becomes very sensitized and in some cases can burn. It may be frustrating to have to wait but it will be worth it to take your time and do it the proper way.

Q: What do i do for acne?

Esthetician: You should try Dermalogica's MediBac Line

Q: Dear Dr. Berger,
I have acne scars on my face. I had a peel a few years ago thinking it might help the scar become less noticeable. After I had the peel I started to have pigmentation which makes my face dirtier looking.
I have tried all the products on the market. Mederma, Retin A, etc. but the scars and the pigmentation did not fade at all. So I decide to have a Medlite laser for 5 session. The scar did not go away and neither did the pigmentation.
I heard about the Fraxel. How effective is the Fraxel for removing the scar and pigmentation, and how much approximately is the cost? I am a keloid former. Can I have a Fraxel treatment even if I have a very sensitive skin?

Dr. Berger: Let’s start at the beginning. First, though some Caucasians form keloids, I assume you’re African-American. There are just some lasers that shouldn’t be used on people of color and, especially keloid formers.
I’d try physician prescribed Hydroquinone, maybe, in experiences hands, Laser Genesis (CUTERA) at high settings to break up the pigmentation... but do not venture into the Fraxel/Pearl/resurfacing world. Even the peel sounds like it was a bit too invasive for your skin-type.
The results could be worse than the initial problem.

Q: I have terrible acne and I would like to know if Neova products are good or should I try stronger medication. Thanks

Dr. Berger: Dear Lilly,
it would help to know your age, the amount of time you’ve had acne and what treatments have already been tried. Everyone has a different definition of "terrible."
I usually start patients off with exceptional cleaning. A Dermalogica Facial a week for a month, while they have 2 Blue Light (OmniLux) sessions a week for 10 weeks. Generally, that will make any other treatment more effective by removing the offending bacteria and porphyrin by-products, and exfoliating to make the pores more accessable.
Your age is significant because at puberty and menopause… whenever there are big hormone swings… hormone balancing can be VERY helpful, too.

Q: I have been using True Cosmetics essential for the past two months for my acne problem skin. It helps to reduce the acne a lot, but I still have one at least coming out every day. What should I use to stop it permanently? I am 26 years old. Please advise.

Dr. Berger: Dear Nafiza,
it would help to know your age, the amount of time you’ve had acne and what treatments have already been tried.
I usually start patients off with exceptional cleaning. A Dermalogica Facial a week for a month, while they have 2 Blue Light (OmniLux) sessions a week for 10 weeks. Generally, that will make any other treatment more effective by removing the offending bacteria and porphyrin by-products, and exfoliating to make the pores more accessable.
Your age is significant because at puberty and menopause… whenever there are big hormone swings… hormone balancing can be VERY helpful, too.

Q: Dear Dr. Berger,
I am 31 years old and I have never had problems with my skin until 6 months before I got married, when my face started breaking out (clogged pores, huge pimples, etc).
Trust me, it wasn't stress, the doctor gave me Accutane to no avail. 4 months before I got married, I quit my Accutane because I am planning to conceive right away. Since accutane did not help my doctor suspects that it is hormonal. I am pregnant now, and still breaking out.
I still get the occasional big pimples (not as much) and little bumps on my forehead. What kind of products would you recommend for me? Right now, I am using Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and Skinceuticals C E Ferulic and a facial once a month.
What kind of skin regimen would you recommend for me?
Thank you doctor!!

Dr. Berger: Dear Mutia,
first, congratulations! A recent marriage.. a baby on the way… and it’s nice to hear that someone’s wedding was not stressful (just kidding). Your doctors seem to have the right diagnosis, and the fact that it has gotten at least better while pregnant seems to confirm it.
When you’re not trying to conceive, consider Yaz or some other mild contraceptive pills to balance your hormones.
The products you choose are good ones… I use Dermalogica here in the office… and facials are key.

Q: My daughter is 20 years old and has very fair sensitive skin. She breaks out easily, and her skin is recovering from using some harsh acne products (she has redness on her cheeks).
She got a sensitive skin facial at the Red Door Salon and they recommended the B. Kamins line of Rosacea products for her. We purchased the facial cleanser, moisturizer and the Blue Rosacea Treatment.
It has been a week since her facial and since beginning these products. She has about six new pimples (small). Do you think these are from the facial or the B. Kamins products? Do the B. Kamins Rosacea products clog pores?
Red Door also recommended the Phytomer Vegetable Peel, which I notice has vegetable oil in it. We haven't tried that yet, but I am afraid it might clog her pores.

Dr. Berger: Personally, I like B. Kamins products and haven't heard of acne outbreaks from them. That being said, I prefer Dermalogica Acne facials over any other products I've found.
Find a salon that uses Dermalogica and your daughter will see a real difference.
Also, for acne we recommend a facial a week for a month to adequately clean the skin and Blue Light/Red Light LED therapy for the acne, itself.
Your thoughts about vegetable oil are right on target… no place in facials for acne prone patients.

Q: Acne Scars…I have acne scars on face. Can I treat it with a laser.

Dr. Berger: Dear Balil,
I haven't seen the depth of the scars, but relatively shallow scarring is perfect for the Pearl Laser treatment. Start with a few micro-dermabrasions to prepare the skin, and expect 2 Pearl treatments will minimize the problem.

Q: Dear Dr. Berger,
I am 40 years old and still suffer with back acne! The cleansers on the market are too drying & benzol peroxide products bleach my clothes. Is there anything you can recommend?

Dr. Berger: Dear Karen,
first of all, is the problem hormonal? Have you seen a GYN for a hormone analysis and balancing, if necessary?
Find a dermatologist affiliated aesthetician who uses Dermalogica products and get "Back Facials", and a series of Blue Light treatments. That will probably control the problem.

Q: How do I get rid of black heads and acne scars?

Dr. Berger: Dear Rose,
it sounds like you still have acne-prone skin. You need to have a good, deep facial at LEAST every other month by a trained aesthetician who uses Dermalogica products. These facials need to include exfoliations to untap your pores and extractions of the blackheads.
Change your cleanser to specific ance cleansers.
As for the scars, you can either find someone who will perform laser Genesis with a Cutera CoolGlide™ laser, usually 10 treatments at high settings with topical anesthetic or, even better, a doctor who uses the new Cutera Pearl resurfacing laser. 2-3 treatments, a month apart with double passes over the worst areas should yield a great result.
DO NOT let a laser tech treat this problem... stick with a Cutera trained physician.

Q: Dear Dr. Berger,
What is the best way to help skin that seems to get congested from time to time? Also, I have very, very, light, small acne scars (not bad at all, but I see them) what would the best way to fill them in, or erase them? I'm about to buy a $479.00 16ounce jar of pure Hyaluronic acid. (The only ingredient in it is Hyaluronic acid, so it's pure...) will that help to plump out the little tiny old acne scars? Also would copper-peptides work too?

Dr. Berger: As for the congestion, treat yourself to a facial every 2 months. For the acne scars, forget the creams and potions. Nothing in a jar… for $400 or $4000... will fill in acne scars.
Save your money for laser treatment for acne scars. Applying topical Hyaluronic acid is irrelevant. Laser Genesis or Pearl is the correct answer.

Q: Hello, I'm a 21 year old female who is battling acne around my chin and mouth area. I'm not sure why they appear as I stay away from dairy products and eat a balance healthy diet. I've tried many treatments that only tend to irritate my skin instead of clearing it. I need to know if you can help me relieve these zits around my mouth and chin area all around.

Dr. Berger: Dear Ellen,
Start with a good cosmetic dermatologist who has both an aesthetician and a blue light (Duza or Omnilux). Have a facial a week... yup, once a week... for a month to really clean out your pores and refresh your skin. Start a series of Blue light treatments, not antibiotics, to kill the bacteria. Switch to Dermalogica acne products… they’re excellent and effective.

Q: I'm a man 34 yrs old. Since the age of 12 I had severe acne problems and my dermatologists had to prescribe Roacutane 80mg capsules for me to use as I had acne problems to the 3rd degree as he said. Since then I have no acne at all. Thanks God. But what is left is not beautiful to see. I have many deep acne scars on both on my cheeks with spots in them. What would you suggest in order to treat the deep holes left by the acne. My skin is an oily type. I live in Mauritius, but now I'm in Europe (Ireland). I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks

Dr. Berger: Acne scarring is a difficult problem… often more worrisome (socially) than acne, itself.
You can either find someone who will perform laser Genesis with a Cutera CoolGlide™ laser, usually 10 treatments at high settings with topical anesthetic or, even better, a doctor who uses the new Cutera Pearl resurfacing laser. 2-3 treatments, a month apart with double passes over the worst areas, should yield a great result.
DO NOT let a laser tech treat this problem... stick with a Cutera trained physician.

Q: Dear Dr. Berger,
I have stubborn spots that are lingering reminders of a breakout. What would you suggest for fading these spots and preventing future blemishes?
Thanks much and all the best!

Dr. Berger: Dear Nicky,
The best way to prevent future breakouts is to maintain immaculate skin. I recommend monthly Dermalogica facials to my acne prone patients, and switching from whatever expensive products they are using to basic, tested Dermalogica acne products.
Blue Light Therapy on a bi-weekly basis will alleviate immediate problems, without harmful antibiotics, and IPL (Photo Facials) or PDT peels will get rid of the spots.

Q: I have severely dry skin with spots of eczema along the sides of my face. My skin is very sensitive. Would the atopalm face cream be a good choice for me? I'm 46 and also prone to monthly breakouts due to hormones. I had a hysterectomy when I was 29, but they left my ovaries. I'm very fair, and burn easily. I've spent a fortune on  good skin care but nothing seems to help, day or night. Any advice would be appreciated.

Dr. Berger: Dear Susan,
Good skin care starts with good Aestheticians. Facials (gentle facials, in your case) are the key, and Blue Light Therapy will help, too.
The fact that it is hormonally related means that a week prior to your period every month would be a good time to have two treatments a few days apart. Moisturize with Dermalogica's acne products, and see a GYN about low dose birth control specifically to address hormonally related.

Q: My daughter has very many blackheads on just her nose ... what is the best treatment to be rid of them. I don't want to hurt her feelings.

Dr. Berger: Dear Cheryl,
Blackheads are the result of inadequate cleaning, leaving sebum and dirt in the pores. That being said, most people can not properly clean, exfoliate and express their skin.
That's an Aestheticians job.
Treat your daughter to a professional facial, and get her on the correct products for her skin type. No embarrassment, just results and a bit of pampering.

Q: I have fairly good skin and was wondering what line you recommend for body products, body lotions, etc. My skin type is dry to normal and I am 42 years old. Also my husband is 45 and has acne on torso.

Dr. Berger: Dear Ellen,
Dermalogica makes products specifically for your type of skin, and ProCyte also has high quality body lotions.
Stick with the basics. No fancy packaging, no fragrances… just good moisturizers. Vibraderm body treatments are a wonderful adjunct to overall body skin health.
Your husband sounds like he needs a consult, possibly a "body facials" and blue light treatments.

Q: My daugther is 12 years old and has mild acne. She is using Dr.Perricone system, but it is causing itching in her face. What can she use to help with the itching that these acne products cause?

Dr. Berger: Dear Lizzette,
Perricone products are extremely high quality, and his acne treatments (and acne diet recommendations, etc) are excellent... but that does not preclude the possibility that your daughter is allergic to one or more of the base ingredient.
In fact, itching is one of the most frequent reactions in skin allergy.
Does the itching stop when she is not using the treatments? Is only one product causing the reaction?
I recommend that your daughter visit a dermatologist for a full acne screening, and avoid products which cause reactions. Acne is frustrating, but there is no need to suffer itching (or any other problem) while trying to treat it.
One size does NOT fit all, no matter how well formulated and manufactured.
Get some hands-on advice.
Eric Berger MD

Q: At 61 I continue to have 'black heads' on the high part of my cheek bones and on my nose. What product would you suggest to dissolve them. Also, what is H50 Therapy Cream supposed to do. My daughter gave me some samples from her doctor.

Dr. Berger: Dear Linda,
I always recommend deep cleansing facials every other month to my patients with a tendency for acneform lesions. I also highly recommend hormone replacement for post-menopausal women with no family history of breast cancer… they can even test for the breast cancer gene! It’s soooo good for your skin (and general quality of life. Ask your GYN.
As for H50, it’s a good, soliud performer for anti-aging, moderately priced and effective. Just be sure to get the appropriate type for your specific skin; dry or oily.

Q: I have Melia underneath my eyes and have had Laser done to take them away. But they are coming back again...What can I do, and is there anything I can use to wash my face with to help keep them away? I know I can’t use anything with Oil.

Dr. Berger: Dear Patricia,
Get a good monthly facial with Dermalogica products by a good facialist. Lasers were not indicated for this problem, in my opinion.

Q: What is the best facial care for mild adult acne. I am concerned about the fine lines starting to form so can you help me with a treatment for both? Thanks so much I just turned 50 and never had any break outs as a teenager at all. Kinda wish I could of had them then and not now!

Dr. Berger: Dear Sharon,
I see this type of hormonal acne every day. It’s so frustrating. I usually start patients off with exceptional cleaning. A Dermalogica Facial a week for a month, while they have 2 Blue Light (OmniLux) sessions a week for 10 weeks. Generally, that will make any other treatment more effective by removing the offending bacteria and porphyrin by-products, and exfoliating to make the pores more accessable.
Your age is significant because at puberty and menopause… whenever there are big hormone swings… hormone balancing can be VERY helpful, too.

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